I was looking online for information on obtaining a concealed weapon permit, and also searching information on obtaining a pistol permit through my local county department when I learned about the federal firearms license and being a dealer. In case you haven’t come across this yet, as I did a lot of searching (too many hours if you ask me!), I wanted to give you a rundown on the federal firearms license and how to learn more if you’re interested in pursuing this lucrative option.

When it comes to a concealed weapon permit, I’m sure you are aware there is a long application process. The application itself isn’t too long, but the processing time can take twelve weeks. You may hear people claim to get your application approved faster (like the ’30 days’ pitch), and if you hear this run the opposite direction. They are being dishonest, as six to eight weeks is considered fast by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Those who make false claims are probably not licensed either. I bet if you asked those making ridiculous claims to provide you a copy of their license, you’d receive no response. Another red-flag when searching for help and information is a lot of fees and suggestions you need things other than what is regulated. Again, consult the ATF, which is one resource you can consult to find the regulations you must meet for approval (fflkit.com is another one, but they are not related to the ATF).

I know you began looking for information on a concealed weapon permit and the information I’ve discussed is definitely worth your review, as much pertains to you regardless of interest or specialty. Another point to note is that regulations and policies related to firearms, guns and ammunition change throughout the year, so finding a user-friendly way to stay updated is highly recommended.

Why You Need A Gun License

Gun safety has always been a delicate matter for people who own firearms. Not every rifle or pistol owner knows about gun safety, or in which situations it is unnecessary to use a weapon. That is terrible, especially when there is no need to live in ignorance. Gun owners can learn all there is to know about gun safety simply by taking a basic training course, one that will also give them a gun license in NYC when completed successfully.

An established sporting range will assist their course participants throughout the entire application process and beyond. Authorities in the field, they can help the students apply for a gun permit, help them purchase their weapon, supply them with expert safety training at a certified shooting range, and all while respecting their privacy.

It may not always be apparent how important gun safety is, but be reassured that taking proper care of your gun can mean the difference between life and death – especially when there are children around. Never underestimate the curiosity of a child, and the urge to play with things that do not belong to them. If they get a hold of your gun and accidentally fire a shot, it can be fatal for whoever is in the line of fire.

Those types of stories are often in the news. They are devastating and heartbreaking, and yet could have been easily avoided if the gun owner only had known about gun safety, a skill learned during a required training course to get his gun license in NYC.

If you own a firearm, but no license, be responsible and immediately sign up for a course given by an NRA certified instructor. You and your family will not regret it.